Our Flash Games Portals

There’s a lot of things we here at IDEA Studios don’t do well and we’re not ashamed to tell it like it is. For example, we’re having a rough time understanding quantum mechanics, several of our team members only learnt to swim in their late 20s and none of us can’t find the patience to finish Diablo 3. But if there’s one thing we’re great at is creating and growing gaming portals.

We’ve been making flash game portals since forever and while it may have not been our company’s only focus – as we’ve been doing SEO, web design, PR work, commissioned games and whatnot in the past years – creating, managing and growing gaming portals is by far our favorite and most important line of business right now. You can check out our current and past portals’ facts sheet to your right:

Dress Up Games For Girls

Mar 2009

Enjoydressup.com was bought by IDEA Studios in early 2012 in February and sky rocketed in the stats since then. The girls and kids that make up our audience on our site seem to love very much the design and even more our games as more than 40% are returning to the site every day. With more than 4 million visitors / month it's one of the most visited girl gaming websites on the internet.

Girl Games

Jul 2011

​eGirlGames.net is also part of our network and it is growing nicely. Good games and a light and nice design make it attractive to young girls which count up to 2 million users + / month.

Dress Up Games

Jul 2008

​Poshdressup.com was amongst the first projects we ever made. We let it grow for a while, had it on pause and recently we had it re-designed and things are looking up.

Free Online Games With A Blast

Feb 2012

​Having quite some knowledge about the girl gaming industry we decided it's time to step into the arcade niche where the "big boys" play. Our thoughts materialized in what became Gamolition.com : the place where games and fun meet. A simple concept, no heavy graphics, just games.

Online Car Games

Sep 2011

​IDEA Studios bought Greatcargames.com in April 2012 to better target users who are looking for flash car games.

Girl Games

Feb 2008

Cutezee.com started out in 2008 and was created with one goal in mind: to become a brand. It had its rough times but now it's going steadily on its path and growing every day.

Dress Up Girl

Nov 2008

Free Online Games

Feb 2007